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Feeling Good For Yourself

“A glass with water inside can be seen as half empty or half full. Same like facing situation, you can see it as an opportunity or as a danger …”

You only have one lens and one body, or you only have P&S Camera. You have inferior feelings as a street photographer when see other street photographers using their DSLR, newest m4/3, and also Leica!

photo with nokia e90

photo with nokia e90

I give you one suggestion: don’t be. When I doing street photography, I don’t think much about my gear, I just want to capture those moments and create images based on what I have to create it. If your camera make you slow, don’t feel bad about it. You should understand what kind of camera you deal with. Make it as your strength. If you, let’s say, only have camera from your phone. I’ll bet that you images will come with those light trails / blurry movement each time you want to take picture.

But, you know what? Movement can be great things, so powerful to make viewers feel that they’re actually in the scene.  In my photo “Street Flag” (from “August 2011 so far …” photo album) I’m using only P&S camera. First time I see it, I’m kind of surprise with the result, it quite good for my taste. When I post it to my internet, people respond very positively for that image. People feel that they in the scene feel the movement, they feel the message. They feel enjoy and like to see it more.

Now, who will say that only pin-sharp images only can be categorized as great images? I certainly don’t.

with P&S camera

Pricey and hi-tech camera doesn’t suddenly make you a great photographer. No, there’s no rule like that. From camera you only need ISO (or ASA if you still using film), Shutter Speed, and Aperture. If you using camera phone, as long as it can record, then it’s good, since you limited into only several options. Remember, make it as your strength, only think positive. Who knows, maybe one day you can be famous as a camera-phone-street photographer :) and yes, you dont need iPhone and ins.ta.gram for great images.

Feels good ok? It’s important thing beside your gear when you go out and shooting. Of course there’s rainy day and you don’t have a single photo at all. Feel a little bad is ok, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day entirely. One day you will get a lot of great pictures. Just feel good for yourself.

write by : Dodi Heru(re-post with permission from Dodi Heru)

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